What is EGAS?


When an accident or other unforeseen medical emergency occurs, mere seconds can determine whether a victim lives or dies. Mitigating  circumstances almost always exist as well that the untrained individual cannot identify. As a result of this, several studies have document the importance of pre-hospital care and the considerable impact it has on successful patient recovery. As a developing country, the resources and attention required to ably run a free public health care system is enormous, so much so that essential emergency measures that can mean the difference between life and death are often neglected in the face of other competing demands. In the face of these realities, we are faced with the fact that we must take responsibility for emergency responses in our own hands to protect ourselves and individuals that fall under our care. Currently, the cost for Emergency Ambulances Transport Services can run in excess of JMD $50,000, a burden that in many cases must be borne by the organization should the incident occur at the work place.

What we do

EGAS has developed a Prepaid Ambulance Service that offers security and peace of mind for both us and those within our care, providing the assurance that in times of crisis, there will be an emergency response that is reliable, efficient and grounded in the highest level of service excellence. Enrollment with EGAS provides your team with an exclusive membership that provides them with a free 24hr access to the suite of quality Emergency Services with state of the art fully equipped vehicles, highly trained medical professionals providing paramedical care and value added services to secure family and property in the event of motor vehicle and other common accidents.


Random Testimonial

  • ~ Panzy Wooley (Returning Resident )

    "After my husband's diagnosis with Diabetes Mellitus, I was constantly aware that something serious could happen to him and that I could lose him for good. While in England, Medical Services was widely available and when we decided upon retirement to return to Jamaica, we assumed Jamaica had the same kind of services available only to discover it was not so. Sunday July 24, 2011 renewed  the fear I had, my husband while sitting on the balcony like he always does became unresponsive, I must admit I panicked but then I remembered I had signed up for an ambulance service in case of emergencies but the level of service and responsiveness and compassion was beyond my expectations. EGAS I will forever be in your debt and i will recommend the service to everyone i"

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